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Carlos Rivas Is the April Physical Therapist of the Month

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy
April 10, 2018

When managers are focused on their employees’ career development and advancement, great things hap...

Clinic Spotlight: Foothills Sun City

Jim Kester
April 9, 2018

The Foothills Sports Medicine Sun City physical therapy location is in the West Valley in Surprise. ...

NATM: Insight from an Athletic Trainer

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy
March 26, 2018

We’re rounding out National Athletic Training Month with one last athletic training spotlight on K...

HIIT vs. Steady-State Cardio

Peter Kowalczyk
March 21, 2018

A lot of people wonder what the most efficient way to perform cardio for fat loss and cardiovascular...

Compassionate Care for All—Athletic Trainer Spotlight

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy
March 19, 2018

If you’ve been following our National Athletic Training Month spotlight, you’ll know that we’v...

How To Set Up For Comfortable Sleep

Joel Kramer
March 16, 2018

Does your low back ever bother you when you wake up? Do you wake up at night and notice your hands h...