3 Common Football Injuries and Treatments

Nov 19, 2013

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

by Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

Here at Foothills, a leader in AZ sports medicine, our talented therapists are no strangers to sports injuries – big and small.
From baseball to lacrosse, from sprained ankles to pulled muscles, they work hard to help Arizona’s dedicated athletes get back on their feet and back in the game. But in addition to helping athletes recover after an injury, they also work hard to educate athletes about Arizona sports medicine so they can work to prevent injuries while playing the sport that they love.
Here is a list of 3 common football injuries and the treatments our athletes will need in order to overcome them:

1. Overuse: One of the most common injuries faced by football players is due to overuse. When an athlete over-trains without taking the break his body needs, any number of overuse injuries can occur, from knee pain to lower back pain. The treatment for overuse injuries varies depending on the afflicted part of the body, but typically, it calls for a specialized plan to first locate and then treat the area with exercises, stretches, ultrasounds, and additional healing techniques.

2. Serious injuries: Unfortunately, another injury often sustained by football players comes in the form of a more serious injury. Whereas an overuse injury can cause pain and discomfort gradually, in most cases, a football player knows immediately when he has sustained a serious injury such as a torn ACL or a separated shoulder. Oftentimes, in these cases, surgery is required, and when it is, our dedicated AZ sports medicine experts will then work with the athlete to achieve a swift and lasting recovery.

3. Ankle sprains: Due to the nature of frequent pivots and tackling, football players often suffer from painful ankle sprain injuries. While not often serious, ankle sprains can be enough to take a player out of a game immediately – and sometimes for several weeks at a time. To combat strains, our sports therapists will work with the athlete to help him stretch and strengthen the ankle until he can get back in the game. Additionally, our Arizona sports medicine experts will help the injured athlete learn how to prevent ankle injuries in the future with a variety of effective exercises.

To read other helpful articles or to learn more about Foothills AZ sports medicine, visit us today at https://foothillsrehab.com/.

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