3 Tips to Run Your First 5k

Aug 11, 2017

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

by Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

Here at Foothills, mid to late August means one thing—the kick off of the Foothills Running Group. It’s no secret that running is one of the most beneficial activities that you can do for your health, but can also be the most dreaded task for many weekend warriors. We’re sharing three tips to help you reach your goal of running your first 5k.
Tip #1: Creating a Support System
If you’re one that needs a little accountability to get you started, join the Foothills Running Group. It’s a 16 week running program that’s open to walkers and runners of all abilities, with weekly speed workouts, Saturday morning runs and more. Not to mention, it’s a great way to meet like-minded members of the community and chances are you’ll find a new fitness friend to help you stay accountable.
Tip #2: Sign up for a 5k
Nothing will motivate you more than signing up for your very first 5k. Once you’ve found the 5k for you, tell your friends and family about it. Now that you have a deadline, you’ll be more motivated to train in order to accomplish your goal!
Tip #3: Cross Train to Prepare for Your First 5k
By planning and preparing for your first 5k, you can run comfortably to the finish line. Start with a slow build up and easy pace, and soon enough your body will adapt to running the 3.1 miles. We also recommend cross training such as strength training, swimming or cycling. If you’re signed up for the Foothills Running Group, you’ll gain access to 1 free FAST group fitness class a week, which is the perfect way to break up your running routine.
Ready to confidently lace up your running shoes? There’s still time to join the 2017 Foothills Running Group and achieve your first 5k finish. Learn more here and happy running!

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