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We value our patient feedback at Foothills. Here is a small selection of what our patients from all around the valley have to say about their experience with us.

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“Before treatment, I had little to no mobility in my right leg. I was depressed and in a great deal of pain. Thanks to my physical therapists fantastic instruction and staff support, I was able to fight through the pain and become stronger each week. Now, I feel very confident in my overall mobility and physical strength. I feel truly blessed and can’t thank my physical therapist and staff enough for all of their support though my rehab.”
– Hope K.

“My daughter, Safiya, was very stiff and having a lot of pain. Being that she is nine years old this was very concerning. Her pediatrician diagnosed her with scoliosis. The orthopedic surgeon referred her to Foothills for relief. In a matter of a few visits, Safiya was feeling much better. She was no longer having some of the pains that were the worst for her. By the end of the second week, she was not having any pain and she was sleeping better. In addition to her physical relief, she was much happier and full of joy. Thank you all so much for helping her to feel so much better. I was so glad we found a place with such caring and knowledgeable staff. Thanks again!”
– Nicole V. on behalf of Safiya V.

“Prior to starting treatment at Foothills Sports Medicine I was unable to sit for great periods of time due to continual back and neck pain. Working had become extremely difficult. Since completing my therapy I am completely pain free when at rest and have been given valuable exercises and stretches to use for when pain returns during activity. I couldn’t be more grateful and satisfied. Thank you!”
– Matthew S.

“I came for treatment after a car accident where I was t-boned on the driver’s side. My left side got the brunt of the impact and I could not do basic things like lifting my daughter, pushing a stroller, opening a jar or bottle. Following about 4 or 5 weeks of treatment, I can do all of my normal activities again with very minimal, if any, pain. I am very thankful for the work done here. The staff, particularly Doug, was fantastic to work with. Thank you!”
– Sara T.

“I can’t say enough kind things about the people at Foothills Physical Therapy. They are patient, funny, caring, and damn good at what they do. Their facilities are clean and modern, and the staff is very attentive, so that you know you’re doing your exercises properly.

In February I had a routine shoulder surgery that developed complications and led to months’ worth of limited mobility and pain. The staff at Foothills helped me keep a positive attitude and fight through it. When my insurance said that I’d reached my max for physical therapy appointments, Foothills contacted my orthopedic surgeon and together they helped me petition Blue Cross for additional appointments.

My therapist, Jennifer, has been a godsend. She’s helped me heal and gotten me back to an active lifestyle. I highly recommend her (and Foothills) to anyone in need of PT.”
– Mikell B.

“My teenage daughter plays competitive sports and experienced a significant knee injury. Foothills staff have been fabulous. Not only do they provide excellent, competent therapy, we have experienced the kind of service you simply cannot find these days. Evening and weekend consulting was available during the most traumatic times of her recovery and the therapist even took time from a vacation to do an urgent re-injury assessment. The injury and recovery plan explanations were not only adept, they were thorough and understandable. I cannot say enough great things about our experience at Foothills.”
– Shannon D.

“The whole feel of the place is one of knowledge and empowerment while healing. Everyone is helpful and really good at their job. I have been going there for 8 months to work on my Achilles tendon. I have also transitioned to their personal trainer, Rich, who has been able to help me get my strength back while understanding and working within my limitations. I highly recommend this facility to anyone who needs either physical therapy or a personal trainer.”
– Robbie K.

“Foothills Sports Medicine Therapy is the best! From the office staff to Vince Kame to the helpers, everyone is efficient, caring, and very personal. As an amputee with a double fracture in my upper arm, I arrived in a difficult situation. After three months of therapy, I have about 98% use of my arm again. I am able to do everything I need to do and most of what I want to do. I highly recommend this physical therapy facility to anyone needing help to get well.”
– B.C.

“Following shoulder surgery the first part of February 2013, I began Physical Therapy at Foothills Sports Medicine on Kyrene Rd., Tempe (Formally Performance Physical Therapy), the second week of March, 2013. All therapy personnel, Carlos, Kacie, Crystal and Daniel have gone above and beyond to attend to my recovery. They have treated me like family and as if they are my personal trainers. I have nothing but high regards for their professional demeanor during this extremely difficult time for me. They all have pushed me, and pushed me to the limit. It has all paid off! My Doctor advises that I am recovering at a faster rate than expected. All of that is due to the attention that I have had and continue to receive from everyone at the facility. Thank you one and all!!”
– Bill C.

“Showed up to the facility with aggravating pain in my right leg and buttocks. Nerve pain that would start at the back of my leg and run down to my foot. Met with Kaitlin who went over my issue and discussed my treatment options. Started stretching and strengthening program that day with Andrea as my tech. After meeting twice a week for two months my issue was mostly resolved. Kaitlin and Andrea sent me home with a program to keep strengthening my hips and core. After barely walking into their facility three months earlier, I’m now back to my active lifestyle and just hiked the grand canyon rim to rim, 24 miles. Without there help I’d been sitting this one out. Thanks so much for all your help and I’d recommend your team to anyone needing rehab.”
– Stephen G.

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