We are seeing them everywhere.

Some are even being left in our front yards. So how are these ever-present electric scooters causing injuries that we are treating in our clinics? There has been an influx of injuries from falls and crashes related to the scooter as it grows quickly in popularity. Hospitals are reporting that an average of 2 to 3 patients per day are being treated for scooter-related injuries. This does not even take into consideration the other doctors, nurses and urgent care facilities that treat these injuries.

A study conducted by the Public Health and Transportation department and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that half of the injured riders reported sustaining a “severe injury.” The study authors define severe injuries as bone fractures (84%); nerve, tendon, or ligament injuries (45%); severe bleeding (5%); and sustained organ damage (1%).1 According to the National Association of City Transportation Officials, there were 38.5 million trips on rentable scooters in the US in 2018. As more individuals are using an electric scooter as a mode of transportation, the injuries can only be expected to be on the rise as well.

The electric scooter seems like an extremely fun and easy way to travel. Please be aware of its dangers as you are on a motorized apparatus that is traveling anywhere between 15 and 20 mph. We hope you do not suffer an injury like so many have already on the scooter.

If you do end up with an injury, be assured that our team at Foothills Sports Medicine will strive to get you back as quick as possible. Find a location near you.

1- Hawkins, Andrew J. “Electric Scooter Use Results in 20 Injuries per 100,000 Trips, CDC Finds.” The Verge, The Verge, 2 May 2019, www.theverge.com/2019/5/2/18526813/scooter-electric- injury-austin-cdc-study-head-helmet.

When looking at the various services offered at Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy, one area of specialization that garners many questions is from patients seeking care for work-related injuries. I receive many inquiries regarding the processes we have established for workers’ compensation. This blog provides insight into our systems and procedures as well as our physical therapy and rehabilitation approach.

At Foothills, our highly-skilled professionals handle all patient care with excellence and attention to detail. Patients that are navigating through the workers’ compensation system can feel confident in knowing that they have a dedicated team working for them to obtain necessary authorizations, prescription scripts, and appropriate scheduling that enables them to begin their therapy immediately, so as to promote a quick return to work.

Once in the clinic, our skilled physical therapists will individualize a treatment program that is based on the patient’s functional demand and job-specific activities. We have excellent physical therapists at all of our valley-wide locations. Whether your profession has a low-level or high-level of physical demands, we are able to take you through the necessary steps to perform at your best again.

As we progress a patient through his or her treatment and exercise program, we strive to maintain a high level of communication with the other medical professionals and parties involved, such as the referring provider, nurse case manager, and insurance adjuster. Our attentiveness to communication between all parties facilitates effective physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment plans for a smooth return to work.

The level of service and patient care that we at Foothills provide for an individual going through workers’ compensation insurance is intended to mimic the high level of treatment, accessibility, and communication that we provide throughout all of our patient care. If you have any questions about our physical therapy and rehabilitation process or would like to set up an appointment following a work-related injury, please contact one of our clinic locations near you or call our WorkSTAT hotline directly at 1-877-358-7703.

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy is a group of locally owned healthcare providers whose focus on hands-on therapy and individualized care ensures your recovery and growth. You can schedule a free assessment of your therapy needs by going online here today. For more information about how physical therapy could benefit you, visit our blog!

Doug Meyrose has been a valued member of our Scottsdale physical therapy community for years. He is dedicated to providing individualized treatment plans and challenging his patients to achieve the best results. Here he provides a reflection of his clinic’s impact in the Scottsdale community, and what its future holds.

As we begin 2016, I reflect on how the Foothills Sports Medicine North Scottsdale physical therapy clinic has become what it is today. We have grown into becoming an integral part of the community. Through our patient and client-centered approach, we have become the go-to place for many of our neighbors who find themselves in need of physical therapy and personal training.

When I joined Foothills Sports Medicine six years ago, my hope was to help make the North Scottsdale clinic a physical therapy staple in the community. We strive constantly to be recognized as a place that our patients want to go for physical therapy care and personal training services. We feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of many people, and to have the opportunity to improve their quality of life.

Over the years, our therapy and training programs have continued to grow. We have significantly expanded our personal training facility, FAST, this past year. In addition to offering a FAST staff of highly trained and educated sports trainers, we are now offering an extraordinary, open training space that provides a variety of state-of-the-art training resources for our clients.

We work to foster an atmosphere of healing for those who have had an injury, surgery, or who simply strive to improve their overall physical conditioning and health. Certainly, the most significant attribute of our clinic is our staff, which works to offer an encouraging and supportive environment for our patients. All our physical therapists possess doctorate degrees, but more importantly, they outwardly demonstrate a passion for their work.

The true testament of our positive influence in the community is the feedback we receive from our patients and clients on a daily basis. Below are some examples that come from excerpts of recent Yelp reviews that highlight excellent patient experiences:

“Everyone at Foothills was knowledgeable on my injury, my progress, and my goals and they pushed me to a speedy recovery” – D.S.

“The injury and recovery plan explanations were not only adept, they were thorough and understandable” – S.D.

“The staff is so friendly and attentive that they make you want to do your work outs. They are hand-on and know just how to use their knowledge” – G.M.

I feel fortunate to be able to help members of our community, and look forward to many years of improving the quality of life for those with whom we come in contact. We wish you all the best in 2016 – but if you’re not feeling your best, let us help you get there.


Take care,

Doug Meyrose, PT, DPT


Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy is a Scottsdale physical therapy clinic that is dedicated to helping you achieve your rehab goals and live a healthy, pain-free life. Our staff is highly trained in hands-on techniques and they create individualized plans for each patient. To schedule a free consultation with one of our PTs, you can go online here to make an appointment today. For more information about Scottsdale physical therapy and our services, follow our blog!

Doug, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, is active in many competitive sports, including rugby, adventure races, mountain biking, triathlons, and golf. As an experienced sports player, he knows what it takes to fully rehabilitate athletes from injuries. He is here today to explain what causes elbow pain, known as Golfer’s or Tennis Elbow, and how to fix it.

At Foothills Sports Medicine in North Scottsdale, we treat many patients who suffer from elbow pain. Usually the pain is either on the inside (medial) or outside (lateral) of the elbow. Medial elbow pain is common in golfers, and has come to be known as Golfer’s Elbow. Similarly, lateral elbow pain common in tennis players is known as Tennis Elbow. However, while these conditions are common among these athletes, they can happen to anyone.

It is tempting to think that because you feel pain in your elbow, the cause of the pain is the elbow itself. However, this is not always true! The primary cause might lie somewhere else, and this is where your physical therapist plays a role.

Physical therapists are aware of the many contributing factors to elbow pain that aren’t directly related to the elbow, such as poor posture, for instance. If you have weakness or insufficient muscle length in the muscles around the shoulder blade, the way you use your shoulder is affected. This results in abnormal stress on the tissues of your shoulder and elbow. You may only feel pain in your elbow, but your physical therapist will be able to identify the cause of the pain originating in the position of the shoulder blade. Compensations that affect the elbow can also be caused by the neck and hip. If the muscles of your neck or hip are weak or tight, this can cause more stress on the elbow.

How do you know if any of these compensations are causing your elbow pain? That’s where we come in. We are experts in movement, and can analyze the way you move, test muscle strength, length, and control, to help you understand what is causing and contributing to your elbow pain. So whether it’s pain in your elbow or anywhere else, drop by Foothills so we can help you understand what’s really going on.

As the hot summer temperatures give way to cooler days, many of you may feel a sense of rejuvination to keep the pounds off during the holiday season and to get back into the routine of exercise. It’s the perfect time of year for heading back outdoors to workout.  Maybe you’ll inflate the bike tires to push your distance both on and off road or just lace up for a good walk or run in one of our beautiful mountain preserves. Whatever it is that you enjoy to improve your fitness, please be aware of your risk for injury after a period of non-activity.

There is always a possibility of injury with increased athletic involvement, but the risk is enhanced with repetitive stresses or stress to deconditioned muscles. It is very common for people to be more prone to injury when returning to exercise after a sedentary period because your body may not be ready to endure the same level of activity you may have enjoyed before your “break” from a regular workout program.  Sometimes the symptoms are just a minor ache or discomfort, but these can lead to more serious injuries.  When returning to exercise, try not to ‘pick up where you left off’.  Start slow, with less intensity and duration so you can build back up safely.

Make sure you pay attention to what your body is telling you and be proactive about your care. If you feel an ache or pain, Foothills Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy offers FREE injury assessments to help you avoid any lost time on the road or trail. Please don’t hesitate to contact us as well with any questions that may arise in regards to your wellness. Visit our locations page to find a clinic in your neighborhood!