Compliment Your Training With Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are weighted balls usually from 4 to 20 pounds that can be lifted, thrown, or slammed to improve strength, speed, power and overall body explosiveness. Medicine ball training has been used for decades by strength and conditioning professionals because of their low load and because...

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The Danger of Heat Exhaustion & Heat Stroke in Children

It's hard enough as an adult to regulate body temperature and water consumption in the hot Arizona sun. With kids, it's even more critical! With the arrival of summer in Arizona one thing comes to mind HEAT!  As children get out school and start summertime activities it is important to guard...

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The Importance of Recovery

With recent shows like “The Biggest Loser,” programs like P90X and in Arizona year-round baseball for kids, Americans are inundated with the message that more is better when it comes to sports and fitness. We are told that the harder, longer and more often we work out the better we are going to...

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