AZ Sports Medicine: Swimming Injury Prevention

As summer approaches, AZ sports medicine experts see swimming injuries become more prevalent. You may take comfort in your pool as the temperatures begin to rise, but first you should be aware of some common swimming injuries.

Swimmer’s shoulder is perhaps the most common swimming injury we see at Foothills. The technical term for swimmer’s shoulder would be an inflamed rotator cuff, usually due to overuse, muscle tightness, and occasionally improper technique. Preventing shoulder injury comes down to using proper technique, not over training in any single stroke, and communicating clearly with your AZ sports medicine expert. Working shoulder exercises like isolated shoulder shrugs into your fitness routine can also help strengthen and stabilize the shoulder muscles and prevent injury.

Lower body injuries involving the tendons and ligaments of the knees are perhaps the second most common injuries swimmers experience. Once again, these injuries are most often seen due to overuse or poor form. Lower body exercises focused on strengthening the stabilizing muscles on the knees, hips and ankles can be key to injury prevention. Remember to diversify the strokes you use in training and competition to minimize the chance of overusing a single motion to the point of injury.

If you feel like you are experiencing any of these injuries you should see one of our AZ Sports Medicine experts today! Make an appointment here!

Image:  Jim Bahn

Written by: Chris Alfano

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