Before Phoenix Physical Therapy – Stand Up for your Health

From lower back pain to muscle stiffness, sitting for hours at a time may leave you on a hunt for physical therapy in Phoenix. And in the age of the internet, it’s nearly impossible to escape the dreaded desk chair. But even though long hours of sitting in front of the computer may lead to increased productivity, it could also lead to a number of serious health problems.

What makes sitting so bad?

When you sit for an extended period of time, electrical activity in the muscles drops. By staying still and letting the chair do the work for you, your muscles get a break – but maybe too much of a break. After time, the drop in muscle function leads to damaging metabolic effects, including a sharp plunge in your calorie burning rate. It could also lead to more serious health problems, such as an increased risk for diabetes, heart attacks, and substantial weight gain.

But sitting for hours at a time may also affect your physical comfort. Because so many muscles aren’t being used, sitting instead of standing means those muscles will get used to the lack of movement. Instead of being limber, they may tighten and grow stiff, causing pain and discomfort.

What can you do? Though perhaps because of your job, you may never be able to leave the desk chair in the dust, that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to fatigue, muscle pain, and the myriad of health complications that sitting for hours straight can pro
Get up and move around at least once every 20-25 minutesvide. Instead, to ward off the effects before they affect your health, take advantage of these Phoenix physical therapy tips:

    • Try a standing desk – by investing in a higher (or adjustable) desk, you’ll be able to stay productive while staying healthy
    • Sit less outside of work, even during leisure time
    • Maintain a constant, safe workout regimen to try to counteract the negative effects

If sore muscles and stiff joints have already got you down, make sure to make an appointment with your local Phoenix physical therapy center to help get you back to your pain-free self. But before you have to make that call, make a couple of changes to your workday, and stand up for your health!

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