10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Outside With Your Sweetheart

Feb 12, 2018

Layne Cooper

by Layne Cooper
PT, DPT | Surprise Location

Avoid the busy steakhouse and germ-ridden movie theater this year and try taking your sweetheart for an outdoor adventure this Valentine’s Day instead. Arizona’s average temperature on this lover’s weekend is a perfect 70 degrees. Our state offers unlimited outdoor opportunities to explore, made only sweeter when enjoyed with your loved one. The list is endless, but here are a few suggestions on some outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by everyone from the active, physical therapist types to couples who simply love to eat:
1. Downtown Glendale’s Annual Chocolate Festival

For the 23rd year, Cerreta Candy Company hosts this sweet event. During the weekend of Feb. 9-11, you can participate in romance writing classes, painting workshops, or indulge in chocolate galore! The best part, admission is free!

2. Bike Ride for Two

Arizona offers wide-open spaces and amazing landscapes to explore on two wheels next to your loved one. Check out downtown Tempe and Scottsdale where you can rent a bike or participate in the Grid bike share program. Grab a tandem bike and cruise down the miles of waterfront bike paths and bridges together.

3. Cuddling by the Campfire

Grab some extra blankets and a two-person sleeping bag and head up North to one of Arizona’s many camping sites. The campfire is perfect for grilling steaks and cooking some desert s’mores! Use this online camping resource to help.

4. Farmer’s Market

Grab your valentine, a re-usable shopping bag, and some cash and head down to one of Arizona’s many local farmers markets to pick up the necessities for a romantic dinner. There is one in almost every city this time of year, use this site to find one near you.

5. Picnic in the Park

Take some of the fresh baked bread, locally grown veggies, and locally-made cheese that you found at the farmers market for a picnic in one of the Valley’s many parks. Don’t forget the blanket!

6. Tennis, Racquet Ball, or Pickle Ball

There are many community racquet courts in the valley that will rent out equipment for cheap. Grab your sweetheart and sweat it out on the courts. It takes two to volley!

7. Miniature Golfing

Skip the expensive green fees but keep the lovely weather and grab a couple clubs. Miniature golfing is always a fun date! Loser makes dinner.

8. Hiking, of Course

Trails, trails, and more trails. This is probably one of my favorite parts of living in Arizona. Grab your partner and go! Don’t forget your Camelbak!

9. Pedal Boating or Gondola Ride

Rent a pedal boat at Tempe Town Lake and get in a little exercise or kick back and be steered and serenated by a gondolier at the Hyatt. Both can be equally romantic.

10. Horseback Riding

Throw on some cowboy boots and jeans and ride off in the sunset with your partner on horseback. There are many guided trails around the state.

Rain or snow may not be in the air this February 14th weekend, but love is! So grab your spouse, significant other, or crush by the hand and enjoy some of our LOVELY outdoor weather! Don’t forget the sunscreen and prepare to tell your physical therapist about the excursion the next time you’re at one of our locations.

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