Arizona Physical Therapy Expert Explains How Having a Pre-Disease Could Affect You

Feb 24, 2016

Gavin Baugh

by Gavin Baugh
PT, FAFS | Gold Canyon Location

Foothills Sports Medicine is a group of Arizona physical therapy clinics that provides the best possible care to athletes of all ages. We offer a free assessment of your physical therapy needs with one of our experienced therapists that can be scheduled online here. To find out more about Arizona physical therapy, visit our blog.
Gavin Baugh has years of physical therapy experience and is a valued employee at our Gold Canyon location. At Foothills, we understand the medical needs of the communities we serve, and in Gold Canyon, many athletes are retired and wish to devote more time to physical activity. We also understand the limitations of common medical complications, like hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and arthritis. Many of our patients have preconditions for these diseases, and we work with them to ensure it does not prevent them from pursuing their passions.
Most people are referred to physical therapy for conditions such as joint pain or other injuries, but many also have CVD and hypertension (HTN) pre-conditions. A person has a pre-disease when they are perilously close to the numbers that define the actual disease. For example, patients with systolic pressure from 120-139 mm Hg has the precondition for HTN, whereas patients with 140 mm Hg and above are considered to have hypertension. Without intervention, most preconditions will develop into the actual disease.
Cardiovascular disease is a common and dangerous condition that many of our patients are predisposed to. The National Institute of Health released the following numbers about CVD:

  • CVD is the leading cause of death in the United States
  • It is responsible for 17% of national health expenditures
  • By 2030, 40.5% of the US population is projected to have some form of CVD.
  • Between 2010 and 2030, medical costs of CVD are expected to triple from $237 billion to $818 billion.

Physical therapy can help prevent preconditions turning into full-blown diseases. PTs understand the power of diet and exercise, and we monitor your resting and active blood pressure at each visit to the clinic. During therapy sessions, I personally use my knowledge of yoga to help improve patients’ overall health and decrease high blood pressure. We perform gentle reaches and poses, develop healthy breathing patterns, and increase postural awareness. Whether recovering from injury or managing your blood pressure, yoga principles and basic postures provide solutions. Practicing yoga encourages a union of balance and strength, helping to increase body awareness, improve breathing patterns, and reduce stress. Yoga-like diaphragmatic breathing is also helpful to make sure patients are not holding their breath and can relax for better results. Before the physical therapy treatment course is over, we make sure patients understand and can demonstrate what we have taught them on their own, in order to continue practicing exercises at home and prevent re-injury later on.
If you are limited by pain or injury that prevents you from pursuing your passion, consider seeking a physical therapist. PTs are knowledgeable professionals who can help you navigate the medical issues you may be experiencing and can guide you on the path to achieving your activity goals. To speak to a local PT, contact Foothills Sports Medicine today!
Forecasting the Future of Cardiovascular Disease in the United States
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