Ben Harrison is Our June Physical Therapist of the Month

Jun 12, 2018

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

by Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

Hailing from Pocahontas, a small town in Iowa, is our Physical Therapist (PT) of the Month, Ben Harrison. After attending Franklin Pierce University for his physical therapy training, he joined our team in 2017. As a physical therapist at our Gilbert South location, he makes an impact on his patients and coworkers’ lives.
The coworker that nominated him says, “Ben truly goes above and beyond for his co-workers.” From volunteering at local marathons, standing in for coworkers at seminars, and being a face for the organization at local events, Ben is always willing to lend a hand.
When asked about this, Ben says “I have a great group of coworkers that I get the pleasure of working with.” He then rattles off every department — the tech and support staff, the front office staff, and his fellow therapists — and how each of them contributes greatly to the team and inspires him in his work. It is clear Ben is a team player and integral to why our Gilbert South clients enjoy coming into the clinic.
His favorite part of the job? “Getting to see the changes that patient’s go through … initially being down, often less motivated due to pain, and unhappy with where they are, to coming into sessions with a smile on their face and motivated to get the session going.”
He tells me about his most meaningful time as a therapist, when he worked with a young patient who had been going through chemo and treatments for leukemia.
“He came in very weak and fatigued by any activity but wanted nothing more than to get back out on the football field,” says Ben. After coming in three times a week for a few months, Ben knew the patient was ready to return to football drills with his team. “The joy and excitement on his face when I told him that he could participate in practice again is one that I will never forget,” says Ben.
For Ben, the only option is to keep moving forward and up. In the next couple of years, Ben has some big career and life goals. In work, he plans to obtain a few certifications to improve his knowledge and explore treatment options for patients to give them the best care possible. He hopes to continue to help the clinic grow and bring in more patients, especially those with athletic pursuits. Outside of work, Ben says, “I hope to continue to grow my family and become settled down in a house that we can make our own — we are currently renting to try to pay off all of the student loans.”
During his free time, you can find Ben exploring the outdoors with his wife and daughter. “We enjoy anything outdoors; hiking, swimming, golfing,” Ben says. “We also enjoy getting back to Iowa and spending time on the farm away from any traffic or city lights.”
Aside from being active, you can also find him chowing down on the pizza bites at Floridino’s, watching anything on ESPN, Criminal Minds, and Big Band Theory, listening to country music, and participating in a lot of fantasy football. “I am obsessed with Fantasy football, I was in 8 leagues last year and about drove my wife crazy,” says Ben.
If you live in South Gilbert area and you need help overcoming pain so you can get back to your athletic pursuits, make an appointment with Ben Harrison, our June Physical Therapist of the Month!

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