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Jan 16, 2017

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

by Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy approaches patient treatment with a hands-on approach and cutting edge techniques. Each of our passionate, dedicated, and talented physical therapists contributes to our continued success.
Every month, we highlight an individual therapist’s exceptional contribution to the Foothills Sports Medicine community; this month we spoke with Jennifer Hallquist.
A true Arizonian, Jennifer was born in Phoenix under unique circumstances. She was delivered in her family home, by her father! With six children between them, her parents decided they were seasoned veterans of the birthing process. After delivery, mother and baby were taken to John C. Lincoln Hospital to have the umbilical cord cut. They created quite a stir with their story, and ever since then Jennifer has been ready to take on the world.
Jennifer is a physical therapist at Foothills Sports Medicine’s Biltmore location where she’s worked for five years. She graduated from AT Still University in 2001 with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, after receiving a BS in Corporate Fitness and Wellness and Athletic Training from Grand Canyon University. Since then, she has upheld Foothills Sports Medicine’s focus on growth and continued education by attending courses at the Institute of Physical Arts and The Barral Institute, while also taking several dry needling courses through Kineticore and SDN with Sue Falsone. Her love for learning is one of the many values Jennifer shares with Foothills Sports Medicine. She works to continually further her knowledge of the human body and stay on top of new techniques and innovative treatments.
When it comes to why she chose her career, Jennifer says that life as a physical therapist actually chose her! As a senior at Central High School, she fell while practicing a gymnastics routine and suffered a compression fracture of T12. This was her first experience with physical therapy and it made a lasting impression. After high school, she became a live-in nanny for a family who opened her eyes to the possibilities of higher education and a career in healthcare. Jennifer was close with the family and the mother, an orthopedic surgeon, was influential in directing her towards physical therapy. While still a nanny, Jennifer began shadowing and volunteering at physical therapy offices, taking courses at a community college at night. She soon became a full-time student and physical therapy tech working toward her goal of becoming a physical therapist.
Jennifer’s enthusiasm for what she does is contagious. When asked what she likes best about her work, she responded, “I am so blessed that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE being a physical therapist! It is such a rush when I connect with people and am a catalyst for positive life change.” To aspiring physical therapists, she says, “Spend as much time volunteering or shadowing other physical therapists in the different fields of physical therapy as you can.” One thing she stresses is how diverse the field of physical therapy is; “Being a physical therapist requires the ability to do MANY things all at once.” To Jennifer, being a PT requires focus and confidence. She believes every physical therapist needs to possess or develop leadership qualities with a high level of transparency, integrity, inspiration, passion, innovation and, most importantly, patience.
If you’re looking for a physical therapist with all of these qualities, look no further than your local Foothills Sports Medicine clinic. For a free assessment with one of our PT’s, fill out our appointment request form! Check out the Foothills blog for more information about physical therapy in Arizona.

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