Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapist of the Month: Adam Welker

Jan 12, 2016

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

by Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy clinics are leaders of physical therapy in Arizona because of our hands-on, individualized approach, which is made possible by our dedicated and talented staff. Each month, we highlight an individual therapist’s contribution to Foothills Sports Medicine, and this month we spoke with Adam Welker.
Adam Welker is a physical therapist at our South Gilbert location. He is a Tempe, Arizona native who received his doctorate in physical therapy from Northern Arizona University, so he’s always called Arizona home. While training to be a PT, he completed a rotation with Foothills Sports Medicine, which he called a “great experience” that led him to soon become a permanent member of our staff.
Adam says he decided to become a physical therapist while in college. He studied biology as an undergraduate at Southern Virginia University, and was looking for a healthcare field that would fit him best. After doing some research, he found that physical therapy aligned most with his personality. “I liked the fact that you can be a little more active and interact with patients by showing them exercises,” he says. His typical workday at Foothills Sports Medicine is busy, and all day is spent either working closely with people or filling out paperwork. However, each day and each patient is different, which keeps his work interesting.
Adam says there are a lot of different aspects of his job that he enjoys. “I definitely like the people I work with, the other PTs, and our work environment. I also love working with the demographic of patients we see here, which is a good mix of active people and athletes.” Adam enjoys being able to spend a lot of time with his patients and using manual therapy techniques that not every clinic has to offer.
In college, Adam wrestled and played football, so he is very familiar with the needs of athletes. He considers being able to work with the athletic population and taking care of injured players to be a very fulfilling aspect of his job. In addition to seeing a lot of baseball and golf injuries at the clinic, he has also been working with a high school wrestling team.
Adam’s advice for people who want to become physical therapists is to take a variety of science courses, and work hard to get good grades in them! He also emphasizes the importance of observation hours and the need to ensure that physical therapy is the field you want to get into.
When Adam is not busy working at Foothills Sports Medicine, he loves to spend time with his wife and family, travel, hike, and get outdoors. He has recently taken up photography, and is still involved in wrestling and martial arts.
If you’re seeking a physical therapist, contact your local Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy clinic. For a free assessment with one of our PTs, like Adam, you can go online here today! If you want more information about physical therapy in Arizona, follow our blog.

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