Foothills Physical Therapist of the Month: Juliana Kroese

Dec 18, 2015

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

by Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

Our Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy employees are leaders in Phoenix physical therapy, not only because we use the most up-to-date and effective techniques, but most of all because we have a wonderful and dedicated staff. Each month we recognize one of our physical therapists for their contributions to the Foothills team, and this month we spoke with Juliana Kroese.
Juliana grew up living all over the world, specifically in Europe and Asia. She received her physical therapy training in Holland at the University of Amsterdam, after having been certified in Yoga teaching and therapy from the University of Utrecht. These experiences have given her a unique perspective of the world, and the profession of physical therapy itself. While she says there are pros and cons of both the Dutch and American systems, she is able to use the best of both worlds to provide quality treatment to her patients.
Juliana is accustomed to packing her bags and moving across the world, so when she became “bored of the weather in Holland” she decided to move here to the Valley, and has been here since 2012. Juliana says her favorite part of her job is that “it’s dynamic. You always have a new body part, or different type of patient to work with.” Her typical workday is very busy, and she enjoys the fact that therapy at the clinic is very involved, and she can be vocal and shout advice across the room to different patients.
“At Foothills, patients come back in and it’s like a community,” Juliana explains. She also adds, “My coworkers make coming to work really fun, and we’ve got a great team here.” In her job, her main focus is getting people better. In order to do that, she is dry needling certified, and she also tries to include aspects of her yoga training. She loves using this different skill set to be able to apply physical therapy in different ways, especially when patients who come in practice yoga, but have trouble with certain poses.
For people who are interested in pursuing a career in Physical Therapy, Juliana suggests ensuring that it is really what they want to do with their lives by experiencing it first-hand, spending a day with a PT, and witnessing the work that goes into the profession.
When Juliana is not busy working here at Foothills Sports Medicine, she has a 70 pound dog who needs regular exercise, and they enjoy going on bike rides and runs together. She also loves being outdoors, hiking and backpacking, and aspires to one-day hike the John Muir Trail in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
Seeking physical therapy? Go online today and schedule a free assessment with one of our PTs like Juliana. For more information or advice about Phoenix physical therapy, follow our blog!

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