Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapist of the Month: Janene Alcantar

Mar 14, 2016

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

by Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

Each month Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy shines the spotlight on an individual therapist’s outstanding contributions to the company and to their patients. This month’s highlighted Physical Therapist is Janene Alcantar from Foothills Sports Medicine’s Surprise physical therapy location.
Janene is an Arizona girl through and through. She grew up in Peoria, and attended college at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, where she graduated with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy and a B.S. in Exercise Science. She joined the Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy team four years ago as a PT at the Surprise clinic in the West Valley.
Janene said she chose to be a physical therapist because she “knew it was a way to give back to people and help improve their lives.” She works with patients from various backgrounds after they’ve sustained injuries, to help get them back to their full function and doing the things they love. Whether she’s helping a recovering athlete back to their sport or relieving pain for the aging population, Janene’s fulfillment comes from seeing “patients leave with a smile on their face.”
She loves her career and the upbeat setting at Foothills Sports Medicine’s Surprise physical therapy location. Her wish is to continue to progress in her field and keep working as much as she can with her patients. Her passion is contagious as she describes physical therapy as a great field with “so many different areas you can be involved in; you’ll always have a job and interact with other people, and positively impact their lives.”
When she’s not changing lives, Janene enjoys spending time with her three kids and going to watch her husband coach football games.
If you’re in need of a physical therapist, contact your local Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy clinic. Schedule your free online assessment here today, and come in to see one of our awesome PTs like Janene! If you want more information about the Surprise physical therapy clinic check out our blog.

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