Physical Therapist of the Month: Kristi Goyne

Nov 10, 2016

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

by Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

Foothills Sports Medicine is proud to provide the best hands-on care to the whole valley. Each month we like to feature one of the therapists who make this possible. This month we got to know more about Kristi Goyne, from our Gilbert-Mesa physical therapy location.
Kristi grew up in North Dakota, but graduated with her doctorate in physical therapy from A.T. Still University in Mesa. She joined the Foothills Sports Medicine Team last year, in July 2015.
Kristi’s experience as an athlete coupled with her desire to build a career out of helping others aided in her decision to commit her life to physical therapy. However, she’s familiar with the other side of the rehabilitation process too. A competitive athlete for 12 years, Kristi says she knows “how frustrating it can be to have an injury that sidelines a person’s ability to participate in his/her chosen activity.” Having had physical therapy, Kristi understands how crucial it can be in the recovery process.
Kristi’s favorite part of being a physical therapist is “being able to provide patient-centered care,” to each and every patient she treats. In fact, a typical workday for Kristi includes not just hands-on treatment, but developing individualized care and exercise plans for each patient she treats. These are based on limitations, goals, and current recovery stage. Kristi says she also loves working with clinicians that are “willing to help mentor each other to provide the best care possible for each patient our clinic treats.”
Of course, her career also comes with its challenges. Kristi says it can be challenging working with the restrictions set by some insurance companies, such as restrictions on the number of visits a patient can have in a calendar year. Nevertheless, she works with them to provide the best care possible.
Kristi’s goal is to have ownership interest in a physical therapy clinic in the future while continuing to grow in her career and staying up to date on new and exciting treatment procedures to best help her patients. When she isn’t bettering herself professionally, she focuses on personal growth through reading, running, training, hiking, and getting outdoors whenever possible.
When asked what advice she would give to people considering a career in physical therapy, Kristi says the most important skill for a future physical therapist is compassion. “It is imperative for someone interested in this field to truly have the desire to help others,” she says. On top of that, Kristi encourages anyone interested in physical therapy as a career to either work or volunteer at a physical therapy clinic for up to a year to see what a typical workday entails. It’s not always easy, but Kristi makes it obvious she’s grateful for every day and every patient at the Gilbert-Mesa Foothills Sports Medicine clinic.

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