What to Expect During a Rapid Recovery® Injury Assessment

Aug 17, 2018

Max Mangabat

by Max Mangabat
PT, DPT Sun City Clinic

While tossing a football you noticed a sharp pinch halfway through your throw that just does not seem to go away and has started to limit your tight spiral. Going for your morning jog, you step on a patch of soft soil, you notice your knee has felt a bit “off”. Picking up boxes while cleaning the garage is more challenging on the low back then you expected. Maybe you notice a sharp pain on the bottom of your feet in the morning as you walk to brush your teeth and it does not seem to be going away. You want to have everything checked out but are not sure where to go.
The licensed physical therapists at Foothills Sports Medicine are always looking for ways to help the community. We offer a Rapid Recovery® Injury Assessments for any person who may be concerned they have an injury and are curious if physical therapy should be used during treatment. An assessment consists of a short examination with a therapist where he or she will examine your particular limitation and determine if physical therapy may be the treatment option for you.
During the Rapid Recovery® Injury Assessment, the therapist will set aside time to sit and talk with you personally about your injury, condition, or functional limitation. He or she may take some preliminary measurements and perform several special tests to parse out information about your particular issue and tailor the appropriate answer for you. At the end of the assessment, the therapist may:

  1. recommend for you to begin physical therapy treatment,
  2. recommend for you to follow-up with your primary care physician if it is outside of our scope of practice
  3. prescribe some custom exercises for your particular issue
  4. recommend a mix of any of these.

The assessment allows you to receive a plan and approach for your limitation from a licensed physical therapist. It lets you meet the therapist and get a feel for the facility and staff and discuss how we can meet your needs. If it is determined that physical therapy may be the best option for you then it will permit the therapist to have a head start on your custom plan to improve your particular functional limitation and jump start your recovery.
Physical therapy helps to treat a wide array of injuries, limitations, pains, and soft tissue concerns. Given all this, sometimes it is hard to determine if physical therapy is the best choice for you. A Rapid Recovery® Injury Assessment allows both you and the therapist to have a quick meeting to work out any of these issues or concerns.
The licensed physical therapists at Foothills Sports Medicine are there to help make this decision a more informed one and help get you back to your everyday life, be that daily tasks, sports or work-related movement. Contact a location near you to schedule your free Rapid Recovery® Injury Assessment.

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