So, You Want to Be a Grill Master? We Have Tips to Help

Aug 20, 2018

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

by Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

Do you have a grill that sits forlornly in your backyard? Do you dream of inviting friends and family over for a BBQ get together? Whether you know your way around a kitchen or not, grilling is a different animal and requires some know how. Become a grill master with our physical therapy clinic’s grilling tips and easy-to-follow timeline.
The Day Before
Dampen a towel and place it in the freezer. A cold towel draped around your neck while standing in front of the grill will keep you cool.
Two to Five Hours Before Cooking
If you plan to marinate the meat, start the process two to five hours before you intend to cook. Consider making your own marinade as they are easy to prepare and often healthier than a store bought version.  
30 Minutes Before Cooking
Take the meat out of the refrigerator 30 minutes before grilling. Place it inside, on your kitchen counter. Allow the meat to reach room-temperature to ensure an even cook. The exception would be when you’re looking for a rare seal, like grilling tuna.
25 Minutes Before Cooking
Start heating the grill 15 to 25 minutes before cooking. When the grill is hot, use a long-handled wire brush to scrape the grill clean. It’s much easier to clean a grill when hot. Let the grill reach the appropriate temperature so it kills any bacteria.
For a proper grill temperature your grill should be:

  • 400–450 for high
  • 350–400 for medium-high
  • 300–350 for medium
  • 250–300 for low heat

Right Before You Cook
Stop food from sticking by coating your grill with vegetable oil. To safely do this, you should soak a paper towel in vegetable oil and use a pair of tongs to drag it along the grill rack.
Place the Meat on the Barbie and …
Let it cook. Only flip the meat once. If it is sticking, wait a bit longer. Avoid the temptation to pat down the meat or move it.
Have a spray bottle with water available for any flare-ups. Dose flares with a bit of water so your meat can have an even cook.
Think It’s Done?
Use a meat thermometer to check. You can undercook slightly, as the meat will continue to cook even after removed from the grill. Important: do not put your cooked foods on the same plate the meat was on before cooking. This is called cross contamination and can make you sick.
Before You Enjoy
Let the meat rest for 5 to 10 minutes after removing from the grill so the juices will redistribute. Use this time to clean off your grill again with your long-handled wire brush.
Whew, you did it. Time to dig in. If you follow these tips, let us know how your BBQ turned out the next time you’re at one of our physical therapy clinics!

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