How to Be an Active Participant in Your Rehabilitation

Dec 17, 2018

Erica Reali

by Erica Reali
PT | Ahwatukee Location

Beginning a rehabilitation program may be a new experience for you, or perhaps you are almost done with your treatment. In either case, the success of your recovery is directly impacted by your participation in the process.
The first key factor is attendance. Improvement can only happen when you are attending the therapy sessions that are recommended to you.
You must be physically and mentally present at your sessions to make the necessary changes for progress. Sitting on your couch will not help you run faster, lift more weight, or climb stairs! Developing a strong working relationship with your therapist and clinic staff can ensure that you reach your rehabilitation goals more efficiently and effectively.
Communication with Your Therapist
The second important element is open communication with your therapist.
At your initial evaluation, your therapist will ask questions about your condition.
It is vital that you provide your therapist accurate accounts and full disclosure of information in order for him/her to accurately create an effective program for you. After the initial evaluation, make sure you provide appropriate feedback regarding pain, exercises, and changes in your status to your physical therapist.
You should ask as many questions as necessary for you to have a full understanding of your condition and to be able to perform the program designed for you. The more educated you are about your condition, the more control you can have over improving it!
A Growth Mindset
Another aspect of therapy is having the right mindset. If you can adopt a growth mindset, then you will see your goals as attainable.
Maintaining a positive attitude in spite of pain, frustration, or lack of function is difficult, but may increase the rate of progress. You may even find therapy enjoyable!
Follow Instructions
Finally, it is critical that you follow the prescriptions, orders, and instructions provided to you by your physician and physical therapist.
Performing home exercise programs and following your therapist’s recommendations will be a key component for your rehabilitation goals. You will reap the rewards of reduced pain and increased function when you put in the effort on a daily basis, rather than the 2-3 times a week you attend therapy.
All of these steps are essential for you to have a successful rehabilitation experience. Success in rehabilitation is a continuum and requires a team effort amongst healthcare providers and you.
Ready to begin your journey working towards a pain-free life? Schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapy clinics today!

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