How to Prepare for a Morning Workout

Apr 22, 2019

Lynsey Schmidt

by Lynsey Schmidt
PT, DPT | South Chandler Location

There is nothing like a morning workout to get you going and ready to take on the day.  We all have busy lives and getting that workout in before everything else can help you check one very important task off your to-do list while helping you prepare for everything the day has in store for you.  The most important thing you can do to have a successful morning workout is being prepared ahead of time. Here are a few keys to getting it done.

  • Working out in the morning does not mean skipping out on your sleep.
  • Go to bed early, plan to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep before that alarm goes off.
  • If you wake up feeling too tired, plan on getting to bed earlier next time.


  • Grab a little something to help fuel that morning session, find what works best for you, a piece of fruit, piece of toast, energy bite, coffee. Something small to jump start the day.
  • Plan a regular breakfast full of protein for after your workout.


  • Hydration is something you need to commit to everyday, all day.
  • Sip on water throughout each day in order to prepare you for tomorrow’s tasks. And bring that water bottle along with you during your workout.

Wake Up

  • At first you may have a hard time just getting out of bed. Set 2 alarms or try placing your alarm across the room to force yourself to get your feet on the floor. Once you’re up you will have an easier time getting going.
  • Splash some water on your face and hands to help wake yourself up.
  • Minty toothpaste can also help you feel fresh and ready to get your body moving.

Prepare Clothes/Equipment

  • Set out all your clothing, shoes, etc the night before so you don’t have to do any thinking or searching for things in the morning.

Make a Date

  • Talk to a friend and team up for the morning workout.
  • Schedule a class or session with a trainer to help keep you have fun while working out and hold you accountable.

Warm Up

  • Remember to prepare you body for your workout by performing a dynamic warm-up prior to getting into the more taxing parts of your workout. If you’re heading out for a run, you can walk down the street and do some knee hugs, side lunges, hip rotations, arm circles, or do some of these in the gym before you start.
  • Save the static stretching for after you are finished with your workout.

Plan Your Workout

  • Having a plan of attack is key. Know what your workout will be, whether it is a run, a weight session, a class, or working out with your personal trainer, have a plan!


  • Plan out what your post workout meal is going to be so you can refuel. You won’t feel as rushed as you head out the door for the day if you have everything ready and waiting for you.

Reward Yourself

  • Think about how you’ll feel to have that workout done for the day!
  • After a successful week of morning workouts, plan a rest day. A massage, a mani/pedi, a baseball game, a date night, or time with friends and family and sit back and enjoy! Working out is great time to treat your body well, but rest and relaxation are just as important!


  • It takes some time to get into the routine, but persistence will help your body get used to the change in your routine. Soon enough, you’ll come to enjoy getting up, getting going, and having that workout under your belt before getting on with the rest of your day.

Get in touch with our FAST program if you’re looking for more tips and training on creating a morning workout routine or looking to get extra help with a personal trainer. FAST has the expertise to build customized programs to help you achieve your goals.

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