Joseph King is Our February Physical Therapist of the Month

Feb 14, 2019

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

by Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

Let’s face it: going to the physical therapist can feel like a chore, like a medical appointment.
But, when you find the right physical therapist, it can feel like you’re hanging out with a friend.
If you’re a football fan, a soccer player, or a BBQ-hobbyist, you’ll find time will speed by during your sessions with our February PT of the Month.
Joseph (Joe) King is a physical therapist at our North Central Phoenix location. He’s served as a PT just over a year now, but his ties to Foothills Physical Therapy go back to 2012 when he started as a physical therapy technician.
In between serving as a technician and becoming a physical therapist, Joe also managed one of our FAST® (Foothills Acceleration and Sports Training) locations. The personal trainers at FAST® work closely with our Foothills Sports Medicine physical therapists to deliver sports-specific transitional rehabilitation programs.
When I ask Joe what got him into the field of healthcare, he says, “I’m from a family of nurses.” He explains that many of his family members are in the healthcare industry (nurses and firefighter EMTs).
He chose the path of physical therapy because “I was always interested in healthcare and helping people. I liked PT the best of everything else. I like the hands-on approach and being able to connect with patients and that I get to spend more time with them.”
And connect with his patients he does. Joe’s easy-going personality makes conversations relaxed and easy.
He’s even made some lasting friendships with some of his patients; “I still hike at least once a month with a patient,” Joe says. He tells me this patient “came in with a completely fractured tibia, and now he’s hiking, and he just ran a 10k.”
When I ask him about one of the most meaningful moments he’s had in his career, he again goes back to his patients. Joe tells me about a patient he worked with after she received a liver transplant. He was able to see her progress through her sessions and witness what it meant to her. He tells me his work felt meaningful because he got to see how his work impacted her.
When Joe isn’t busy at the clinic, you can find him being active, grilling, watching the game, and awaiting the return of Game of Thrones.
He helps run a youth soccer program in the Valley on the weekends, hikes, and plays soccer. “I went to ASU, played on the club team, been playing [soccer] since I was a kid,” Joe says. “I’m one of seven, so you got to pick one sport.”
He’s a fan of country music — especially Kenny Chesney — and keeping up with sports — “from Pittsburg originally so I’m a Steelers fan.” We can’t help but to picture him listening to country tunes as he tends his smoked meats before the game on the weekends. Also, we want an invite.
If you’re searching for a physical therapist that can set you at ease and help you work towards your goals — like a good friend —, Joseph King may be your physical therapist match. Feel free to request an appointment online.

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