Get Outside and Enjoy Healthy Outdoor Summer Activities

May 7, 2019

Logan Moore

by Logan Moore
DPT | Stetson Village Location

As temperatures begin to rise in Phoenix, Arizona, don’t be shy about getting outdoors and enjoying everything this beautiful place has to offer! There are an array of activities such as hiking, mountain biking, running, brisk walks at night, canoeing, fishing or playing your favorite sport.  Don’t let the heat beat you. The days are longer, so take advantage of the early morning sunrise and the late sunsets.
Making memories with your family and friends is what life is all about. Don’t let the fear of injury stop you from taking advantage of the outdoors. The human body is a remarkable thing and allows you to live life to the fullest through outdoor fun and activities. As a physical therapist, I have spent the last seven years studying and understanding the human body and its physical properties. Your muscles and joints need to be active in order to maintain a healthy and pain-free lifestyle. Proper training, strengthening and neuromuscular education will provide a foundation for you to be safe in the outdoors and enjoy the beautiful warm weather.
Some of my favorite places to visit include Lake Pleasant, the waterfalls of Fossil Creek, the Grand Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon and Blue Ridge Reservoir. Arizona has many beautiful landscape to offer. Be safe and be smart by taking plenty of drinking water and food. Plan your trip appropriately for your needs. The heat can be a dangerous thing. Proper preparation can allow you to enjoy Arizona despite the extreme heat warnings. Most importantly, stay hydrated!
My job as a physical therapist is to help you continue doing what you love!
Are your aches and pains slowing you down? Find a Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy clinic near you and our physical therapists will help get your move back!

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