How We Help You Through a Work-Related Injury

Jun 8, 2018

Doug Meyrose

by Doug Meyrose
PT, DPT | Owner of the North Scottsdale Location

When looking at the various services offered at Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy, one area of specialization that garners many questions is from patients seeking care for work-related injuries. I receive many inquiries regarding the processes we have established for workers’ compensation. This blog provides insight into our systems and procedures as well as our physical therapy and rehabilitation approach.
At Foothills, our highly-skilled professionals handle all patient care with excellence and attention to detail. Patients that are navigating through the workers’ compensation system can feel confident in knowing that they have a dedicated team working for them to obtain necessary authorizations, prescription scripts, and appropriate scheduling that enables them to begin their therapy immediately, so as to promote a quick return to work.
Once in the clinic, our skilled physical therapists will individualize a treatment program that is based on the patient’s functional demand and job-specific activities. We have excellent physical therapists at all of our valley-wide locations. Whether your profession has a low-level or high-level of physical demands, we are able to take you through the necessary steps to perform at your best again.
As we progress a patient through his or her treatment and exercise program, we strive to maintain a high level of communication with the other medical professionals and parties involved, such as the referring provider, nurse case manager, and insurance adjuster. Our attentiveness to communication between all parties facilitates effective physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment plans for a smooth return to work.
The level of service and patient care that we at Foothills provide for an individual going through workers’ compensation insurance is intended to mimic the high level of treatment, accessibility, and communication that we provide throughout all of our patient care. If you have any questions about our physical therapy and rehabilitation process or would like to set up an appointment following a work-related injury, please contact one of our clinic locations near you or call our WorkSTAT hotline directly at 1-877-358-7703.

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