Foothills Physical Therapist of the Month: Clint Borman

Jun 8, 2017

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

by Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

Clint Borman, PT, DPT, MTC and clinic director at the Foothills Surprise Location
A community center of knowledge where patients are family, and employees bond into true team members: these are the goals and passions Clint Borman strives for at his physical rehabilitation center in Surprise.
As a loving father of two young boys, Clint jumps at the chance to be an active member of the community. Coaching baseball, football, golf, and mentoring soccer practice, take up only part of his day as he always makes time to lovingly spoil his wife.
Clint grew up in an Air Force family, moving around the world until they found their way to Phoenix in 1984. He graduated from San Diego State University in 1993, but didn’t end his academic journey there. He continued on to complete his master’s at University of St. Augustine, then his doctorate in physical therapy from USA-IPT.
He became part of the Foothills Sports Medicine family in 2006 and immediately sought to instill his goals and passions at his clinic. For Clint, it’s not just about providing a job, or a place where patients have to be. At his Surprise location, the team takes care of the patients, and he takes care of the team.
The culture he created at his physical rehabilitation center brought some of the most accomplished physical therapists not only in the state, but in the country. “They are recognized as leaders, innovators, and promoters of private practice [in] physical therapy,” Clint says.
For anyone interested in a career as a PT, Clint suggests that you look into yourself to see if you have a service-oriented mindset that passionately places others and the industry above yourself. “I am a big believer in having a big vision—believe in it, work toward it, profess it out loud, and it will happen,” he says.
“The rewards are plentiful on every level: personal, professional, and financial,” Clint says. The physical therapy profession is growing and so are the options for specialization, but he advises to also be financially responsible in balancing student loans and personal goals.
Clint always looks forward to his multidisciplinary workweek and he sees himself growing with Foothills for years to come. Clint isn’t just a father, a husband, or a boss; he is our well-deserving PT of the month.
If you are looking for a PT that genuinely cares about their patients and will work hard to realize their goals, like Clint Borman, visit your nearest Foothills Sports Medicine clinic or schedule an appointment online!

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