Andy Moriarty is the November Physical Therapist of the Month

Nov 13, 2017

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

by Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

Each month we take nominations and award one of our physical therapists with the PT of the Month award. We are proud to say that one common theme among the entire Foothills Sports Medicine staff is a passion for our patients. Andy Moriarty, the November PT of the Month, is no different.
Andy is the Clinical Director of the Old Town Scottsdale location and has been with the Foothills team since 2004. However, his dedication to the field goes back much further.
Growing up, Andy’s mother dealt with jaw dysfunction and was treated with physical therapy. Andy would accompany his mother on trips to visit a PT and remembers at an early age how beneficial the treatment was.
“I was amazed at how much visiting the PT would help her,” says Andy. Coupled with the fact that a close family friend and mentor of Andy’s was a PT, Andy’s career path was chosen. “I knew I was going to be a PT from the time I was a little kid,” says Andy.
He studied at University of Saint Augustine, and in 2004 accepted a staff therapist position with our team at the North Central location. He served in this role for two years before moving into his current position in 2006.
Recently, Andy acquired a CCTT (certified cervical and temporomandibular therapist) certification to help patients dealing with pain and compromised movement in the jaw area, the same disorder his mother had. He names the certification the most meaningful decision of his career because “I’m passionate about that area and it was my first exposure to PT,” says Andy.
We knew Andy had found the perfect career when we asked him what he wanted to be doing in five years and he responded with “exactly what I’m doing now.” For Andy, he’s found the right spot for himself and he plans on staying put.
One of the reasons Andy is so content in his position is the patient care component of his job. When asked the best part of his position he quickly answers, “by far, patient care … That’s why I became a therapist, to take care of people.” Secondly, he lists mentoring and developing his staff.
When he’s not at the office, Andy spends his time with his two sons — ages nine and 14 — and his “super mom” wife. You can also spot him riding his mountain bike at Brown’s Ranch and Phoenix Mountain Preserve, or at his favorite restaurant, Lou Malnati’s.
Our interview ends right where it began: with a passionate staff. We asked Andy about his personal passions and he aptly responded with, “my whole focus is patient care, I give my heart and soul to my patients because that’s really what it’s all about.”
If you’re looking for a team of physical therapists that are passionate about helping you overcome your injury and get back to what you love, Foothills Sports Medicine is the place for you. Schedule an appointment with us now. If you choose the Old Town Scottsdale location, say hello to Andy!

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