Meet Physical Therapist of the Month Lynsey Schmidt

May 8, 2018

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

by Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

The best physical therapists come to work each day with the goal of making an impact on their patients’ lives. Our May Physical Therapist (PT) of the Month, Lynsey Schmidt, does just that. We spoke with Lynsey to find out more about her passions, her work, and even what she does during her free time.
Lynsey’s journey towards physical therapy all started because of her initiative to find the right career fit. She knew she wanted to be in the medical field, but wasn’t sure about physical therapy. After working with an optometrist and realizing that wasn’t the field for her, she connected with physical therapy.
“I knew I wanted to do something in the medical field where I could have more interaction with patients to help them and get to know them,” Lynsey said. “That’s how I decided that PT was for me; I was able to go out and experience it,” Lynsey said.
Lynsey grew up in Minnesota and attended the University of North Dakota for her physical therapy training. It was there that she met her husband. Luckily for us, her rotation studies took her to sunny Arizona.
Lynsey Schmidt has served as the co-director of our Ocotillo clinic for two years and has been with Foothills Sports Medicine team since July 2007. A large part of what motivates her is seeing the progress in her patients and helping them get back to the activities they enjoy.
When I ask her about the most impactful time she can recall in her career she tells me about an experience with a patient. “I had a male patient that was hit by a car when he was on a bike. I can still remember the smile on his face the day he was able to walk with a cane,” Lynsey says.
It’s wins like these that energize Lynsey for her workday. She says the best part of her job is “seeing happy patients, when they get back to what they want to do, all the small victories along the way: they all add up to getting them back to normal again.”
Outside of the clinic, her family, staying active, and reading keeps her busy. “My husband and I are both active, we like to exercise,” Lynsey says. A large reason they place an importance on physical activity is to lead by example for their two children. And it seems to be working; “I have two kids that both play sports; flag football, soccer, basketball — and my son loves the FAST program, it’s his favorite thing to do after school,” Lynsey says.
Besides running and weightlifting, she likes to practice yoga. She says the variety of activities helps to keep things interesting. She’s even done a yoga competition. Like the rest of us though, it can be difficult getting on the mat, “I wish I could do yoga more,” Lynsey says.
Reading also fills her free time. “I love to read, especially historical fiction,” says Lynsey. Her favorite books are East of Eden and anything by the author Philippa Gregory.
Before you ask Siri or do a Google search for “physical therapy clinics near me” consider the physical therapist you’ll be working with. At Foothills Sports Medicine we pride ourselves on having the best physical therapists in the field. Plus, we have multiple locations throughout the Valley. If you’re near the Ocotillo location, visit physical therapist Lynsey Schmidt and ask her for a book recommendation while you’re there.

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