Boxing For Physical Therapy?

Apr 9, 2019

Frederico Gonzalez

by Frederico Gonzalez
PTA | Suprise

Did you know that boxing is used in physical therapy clinics all over the world to assist with movement deficits and conditions? Patients can benefit from this style of therapeutic activity by challenging their endurance, dynamic balance, ability to judge distances, and build hand-eye coordination, all while improving conditioning and having a good time!
Studies have found the effectiveness of boxing training with Parkinson’s patients and how it assisted with their overall condition. We now use boxing training at our clinics and have seen great results. Various individuals can benefit from training after orthopedic surgeries attempting to get back into work, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, post-concussion syndrome and many more.
When working with individuals with Parkinson’s, safety is the number one concern. We make sure they have a good understanding of their condition, proper mechanics, balance, and we slowly add in boxing training. Once all safety precautions are met, this training can help challenge them, and gain confidence in being able to regain strength and mobility.
Parkinson’s, as well as multiple sclerosis patients, benefit from boxing by using various patterns and rhythms to establish movement patterns and challenge balance while moving and focusing on punching. And post-concussion syndrome patients can challenge their vestibular system by creating different patterns and being able to hit the pads with their visual cues. Boxing is a great tool that can be exciting for patients to partake in to assist with their condition and build their self-confidence. Certainly, seeing patients’ smiles on their faces is the biggest reward!
Boxing is an incredible workout and therapy tool for many reasons. It challenges one’s footwork and balance by requiring patients to punch and move at the same time. The biggest advantage of incorporating boxing into physical therapy is that it keeps patients entertained and excited for their appointment. Patients report how much enjoyment they are having and can see improvements in their mobility and balance through their everyday life.
So, if you believe boxing would be a good form of therapy or are interested in learning what other sports-related physical therapy we provide, swing by a Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy clinic for a free assessment.

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