Meet Our PT of the Month, Taiwo Adeshigbin

Mar 4, 2019

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

by Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

You ever meet those people that seem to radiate positivity and make your stressors slip away? Our Physical Therapist (PT) of the Month, Taiwo Adeshigbin, is one of those people.
Taiwo joined the Foothills Sports Medicine team in 2018. She started as a student at the East Scottsdale physical therapy clinic — under Matt Hubble —before accepting a role as a physical therapist at our Surprise location.
Taiwo spends her days in the physical therapy clinic getting to know her patients, working on their individual plans, and using her sunny disposition to give her patients positive affirmations that help keep them motivated through their programs.
As physical therapy seems to feel like a natural fit for Taiwo, it may be surprising to hear that it took a bit of a journey for her to get here.
“I didn’t know for sure I wanted to be a physical therapist … I played college soccer, was on the verge of playing soccer as a career, but I still observed [physical therapy] just in case PT was something I wanted to do,” Taiwo says.
Her soccer career took her to Sweden where she played until she, unfortunately, got injured. While in Sweden, she witnessed physical therapists in action. “I went overseas to find out that I love soccer but there’s something I’m more passionate about in physical therapy,” says Taiwo.
Taiwo’sphysical therapy studies took her the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO. It was there that she was taught how to be a well-rounded PT; she learned not only to care about the patient’s injury and the treatment but also about the heart behind the patient.
It’s clear that Taiwo loves her job. When I ask Taiwo her favorite part of the job, she says, “that’s really hard,” and then pauses and says it again. After a moment to think, she says, “I would say the best part of my job is seeing my patient’s progress … seeing their smile makes me realize this job is worth it every single day.”
She tells me about a meaningful moment she’s had in her career, where a patient told her that she enjoyed coming into her physical therapy appointments. “That comment made me realize that I’m so much more than a PT, I’m here to be a positive role model to help people find happiness in life,” Taiwo says.
Taiwo accomplishes this goal by placing an emphasis on getting to know each patient and treating them as individuals. Plus, adding a healthy dosage of positivity in each session to build up her patients.
When Taiwo isn’t at the physical therapy clinic, you can find her busy with a few more passion projects, which all revolve her deep-seated love of sports.
Growing up, Taiwo played a myriad of sports — volleyball, soccer, basketball, track and cross country — and loved to watch ESPN Sports Center. Now, she mentors and trains young soccer players in the community, works as a sports broadcaster for Ottawa University, writes about sports injuries on her personal blog, reads materials to stay current on her physical therapy studies, and, oh yeah, she works out too.
You could say that Taiwo is busy, but we don’t see her slowing down anytime soon: “It goes back to I absolutely love everything I’m doing. I’m excited about what is to come,” she says.
Taiwo’s experience offers a knowledgeable and empathetic relationship for those going through sports therapy for an injury. “I can help relate, especially with injuries, like an athlete in a one division school. I know the grind, I know that athlete’s feel like no one understands because they feel like everyone wants them back on the field,” says Taiwo.
If you’re looking for a positive and empathetic PT that will make going to a physical therapy clinic feel less like a chore, book a session with our PT of the Month, Taiwo Adeshigbin. If the Surprise clinic is a bit far from home, find another caring PT at one of our other locations in the Phoenix Valley.

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