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Sep 15, 2017

Melanie McDonald

by Melanie McDonald
PT, MPT | Tempe Location

Opportunities for current and future employees
Some people are gifted with the knowledge of where they want to head and confident they will enjoy the position and all its responsibilities, but most of us like to try things on for size and work our way to the “right” fit.
Thankfully, being a member of the Foothills team allows for growth and visibility into opportunities within the organization. Before you think this isn’t the right fit for you: we’re not just looking for licensed physical therapists.
From support staff to corporate and administrative roles, there are multiple options and directions to take to find a fulfilling career here at Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy. Front office representatives can move up to office managers. Observation students can move into internships, then into a physical therapist tech position, and, depending on their area of interest, into physical therapist school. Our licensed physical therapists can move into residencies, clinic partnerships, or, in my case, into more clinical education. The point is: no one needs to feel stagnated in any position they are currently filling here at Foothills.
Have you heard the phrase “Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want”?  To give that phrase a turn, “Think about the job you want to do, and use your current job to make that happen”.  Now I know that doesn’t directly translate, but you can use your present position to springboard you into another. The opportunities are here!
In addition to the grow-from-within mentality, Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy offers employees the chance to work with other positive and friendly coworkers. Having an office filled with people that motivate you is honestly the best cure for the case of the Mondays.
Members of the community should know that opportunities for employment may be right in their backyard!  If you are a hardworking and energetic team player, this may be just the place for you to begin your upward climb.
As the Center Coordinator for Clinical Education, my focus is managing students who are forwarding their careers in Physical Therapy and other areas of healthcare.  For those interested in observation or internships, they should get in touch with me at [email protected]
Please visit our Careers page to see our current openings. We are hiring for many different positions: physical therapists, techs, front office, billing and more. We are members of the communities in which we live and work, and we are happy to help you find your fit at Foothills!

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