What To Expect When You Visit Our Physical Therapy Clinics

Oct 30, 2017

Delicia Johnson

by Delicia Johnson
PTA, CKTP | Arrowhead Location

At Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy, we believe good communication is an essential factor in successful patient outcomes. The process patients go through at our physical therapy clinics can be compared to catching up with a friend over a latte or a warm cup of joe at a neighborhood coffee shop. We strive to listen to patients and their issues, offer feasible solutions with easy-to-wrap-your-head around explanations, and continually remain empathetic to frustrations, pain, and the emotional toil injuries can invoke.
The patient experience begins with a call to one of our physical therapy clinics where scheduling and the exchange of initial information sets the tone for the rest of the recovery process. Our front office staff are courteous, helpful in answering any questions, and speedy so you can quickly get off of the phone and back to your busy life.
During the first visit, your physical therapist begins the appointment by actively listening about your injury and lifestyle. Important details related to work, hobbies, and even physical demands at home are vital when making treatment decisions that reflect your best interest. Our therapists understand that sometimes you know your body best and we’re always slow to jump to conclusions. Instead, we believe listening can help us discover the best solution.
After this patient-therapist conversation and with input from the referring physician, a recovery plan is made. The plan for care is explained to you, and, with the help of the entire Foothills Sports Medicine team and your hard work, the plan will be successfully executed.
The Foothills team consists of many dedicated professionals who all play an important part in every patient’s recovery. A physical therapy technician is assigned to each patient to assist in the exercise regimen. As treatment progresses, patients may also work with physical therapy assistants (PTAs) and athletic trainers (ATs) who work in close communication with the physical therapist (PT) who performed the initial evaluation. All of the practitioners, regardless of their title or specialization, keep informed on patient progress and are fully committed to the overall recovery plan set into motion during the initial visit.
Our hope is that every patient has a smooth and satisfying experience at our physical therapy clinics and is discharged knowing our staff had their best interest at heart. From the first conversation with the front office to the final visit, our team is committed to excellence, which includes quality communication and response to patient feedback. When you’re ready to start the process, we’ll be waiting, like a good friend who orders your favorite coffee and grabs a table at the bustling coffee shop.

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