How Physical Therapy has Changed the Lives of Champions

Aug 15, 2013

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

by Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

Athlete training in Phoenix comes with its own distinct benefits of year-round sunshine and cardio-challenging mountain landscapes.  It also comes with the risks of exhausting heat and treacherous, rocky terrain. This area presents both an opportunity and a challenge for athletes looking to develop their Olympic-level chops in the heart of the Grand Canyon State.
Sure, you can go climb Camelback Mountain while simultaneously working on a perfect tan, but for many, the harsh terrain can lead to injury.
For those in search of physical therapy and sports training in Phoenix, we have compiled a short list of the world’s most impressive physical rehabilitation success stories:
1. Brett Favre
sports training in phoenix
Brett Favre is the perfect poster child for the healing power of physical therapy. Consider this: he’s spent the last part of his career taking hits from men nearly half his age!  Along with racking up an inventory of awards and trophies capable of challenging the structural integrity of your average IKEA bookshelf, Mr. Farve is the oldest quarterback to win a playoff game.
How is this possible? Top-of-the-line physical therapy!

Brett Favre suffered a debilitating ankle injury in a game against Minnesota in 1995 resulting in severe damage to ligaments. If this happens to you, do what Brett did—RICE (a common physical therapy technique that calls for rest, ice, compression and elevation), and seek out therapeutic expertise. Luckily, there are a lot of options available for those in search of physical rehabilitation and sports training in Phoenix.
2.    Maria Sharapova
athlete training in phoenix
Tennis-phenom Maria Sharapova’s 101-decibel swinging yells (or “grunt”, as it’s called in the sport) and 121 mph serve have contributed to her rise to international stardom. In, 2005, at the JP Morgan Chase Open, in a championship match between her and Anna Chakvetadze, Sharapova’s grunting signaled more than just her investment in her backhand. Her right pectoral was damaged from overexertion—she was actually grunting in pain with every swing!
Following that match, Maria underwent a series of strenuous manual therapy sessions. The goals of her treatment centered around strengthening and stretching her overworked pectoral until the pain and scar tissue build-up were alleviated. Crucial to her success was her positive attitude and motivation to be a champion
Since 2005, Sharapova has gone on to win more than 150 professional tennis matches. We, at Foothills Rehabilitation, provide athlete training for champions-in-the-making  to overcome their injuries—just like Maria Sharapova.
3.    Anderson Silva
sports training in phoenix
If Anderson Silva brings the pain to everyone, who brings the pain to Anderson Silva? The answer is Anderson Silva’s shoulder and back muscles.
After a his extraordinary bout with Chael Sonnen, Silva suffered some injuries to his shoulder and back which prevented him from training at the level he had become accustomed to up until that point. Having the keen physiological awareness common to top-level athletes, he was able to adjust his intense physical training routine to account for the damage.
If you, or someone you know, is a participant in the rapidly growing sport of mixed-martial arts, Foothills is the perfect place to treat any pain that could arise from this physically demanding combat sport.
4.   Tiger Woods
athlete training in phoenix
Tiger Woods, the undisputed king of golf, returned to the green after undergoing reconstructive surgery on his ACL. After months of employing conventional, non-invasive knee injury treatments, Woods opted for a procedure that would re-establish his knee’s stability.
After surgeons fixed Woods’s ACL, it was the job of Physical therapists to rehabilitate  his entire body. Employing a physical therapy regimen tailored specifically to his needs as an athlete, Tiger Woods’s physical therapy team saw the fruits of their hard work in the form of Woods’s 6 major wins in the 2009 PGA Tour.
If you’re a golfer, ACL-strengthening athlete training in Phoenix might be a good call for you, too!
5.   Ryan Sheckler
sports training in phoenix
A nasty spill on a 12-stair at the 2009 X-Games left Ryan Sheckler’s foot and ankle severely damaged. After being carted off in a medical van, doctors determined that his first metatarsal had been shattered and would be in need of internal fixation surgery.
The damage to Sheckler’s foot was so intense that he was unable to ride his board for over six months. During that time, he worked with physical therapists every day to restore strength and flexibility to his foot. After making a full recovery, Ryan Sheckler went on to take 1st place in the X-Games for three consecutive years.
The lesson to take from these stories is that determination and rehabilitation are the recipe for a successful recovery from sports-related injuries. If you’re an athlete training in Phoenix, check out Foothills to see if we’re the place for you.
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