Do I Need Physical Therapy?

Sep 3, 2013

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

by Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

Practicing physical therapy in AZ means understanding that people’s bodies are as unique as their personalities. This story is one example of how physical rehabilitation in Arizona helped one man continue his lifelong practice despite his age and bodily ailments.
Arizona sports medicine
Stories like these keep us motivated, and we hope this one will inspire you to take control over your body.
Johnny is an avid runner; he has been since he was a young boy.
He started running with his father as soon as he was able to pick both feet up off the ground in quick succession—that was around 1968.
Little Johnny started out every evening before dinner, trailing along happily, a couple of meters behind his father’s stride.
Within two years, Jonny was keeping pace with his father for his entire, 3-mile long, early morning jogs. They enjoyed running just as the sun rose to greet their humble Chicago suburb.
By the time Johnny turned 16, he was out-pacing his dad, but he didn’t mind. After all, Johnny was the envy of just about every young man on his cross-country team.
Johnny “Long-Gone” Mathers, they’d call him.
He took the gold at his regional cross-country meet, and his sturdy legs carried him from that small town outside Chicago, to a nice college campus.
He studied business, graduated, and started a beautiful family.
One morning, shortly after Johnny’s 34th birthday, he noticed his knees weren’t bending with the ease they once did. When he sat down, he could almost feel the pain from injuries he had gotten in his youth.
He asked himself, “Do I need physical therapy?”
He knew the answer was yes. Johnny understood that the stiff resistance he was fighting in his ankles was a sign of Achilles tendinitis. What he didn’t know was that the tense, stifling pain that seemed to start at the base of his heels and extend to the center of the metatarsal bones in his foot, meant that he was beginning to develop a condition called, “plantar fasciitis.”
Johnny realized that exacerbating his injuries through neglect was not an option. He sought out help in the form of professional physical rehabilitation, which focused on rebuilding the strength in his muscles and joints. Johnny received one-on-one attention from physical therapy specialists through personalized exercise regimens, and he was ultimately able to recover from the pain in his knees and ankles.
After receiving physical rehabilitation in Arizona, Johnny “Long-Gone” Mathers, is able to run comfortably even today, at the age of 51.
Johnny’s story isn’t uncommon; many Foothills rehabilitation patients share similar experiences with our team of dedicated professionals. If this story resonates with you, visit Foothills Physical Therapy to learn about how we provide the best physical therapy in AZ.
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