Less Oxygen Equals More Fitness – Huh?

Jun 1, 2010

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

by Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

What is Altitude Training?
Altitude training, also known as hypoxic training, involves exercising in, living in or otherwise breathing oxygen reduced air for the purpose of improved athletic performance, pre-acclimatization to altitude and/or physical wellness.
Traditionally, individuals had to travel to or live at high elevations to obtain the benefits of this phenomenon. Through the production of the mountain air generators we can simulate altitudes of up to 21,000ft/6,400m. As a result, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and health conscious individual’s worldwide can take advantage of the benefits associated with altitude training while at sea-level.

Proven Benefits
     . Maximized speed and endurance
     . Elevated strength and power
     . Enhanced energy levels and overall wellness
Who Can Benefit?
     . Athletes
     . Mountaineers
     . Fitness Enthusiasts
     . Health Conscious Individuals

Why it works:
When the human body is exposed to hypoxia (oxygen reduced environments), it struggles to produce required amounts of energy with less available oxygen. This struggle triggers the onset of a range of physiological adaptations geared towards enhancing the efficiency of the body’s respiratory, cardiovascular and oxygen utilization systems.  Benefits can include an increase in Red Blood Cells and an increase in VO2 Max.
Watch how high altitude training works! Visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Me_w-dbVSUc to see how high altitude training has helped the Phoenix Suns become one of the best conditioned teams in the NBA.  The Foothills Sports Medicine Ahwatukee FAST facility offers high altitude training.  Click  here  and contact Jeff Bloom for more information.

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