Before Phoenix Physical Therapy – How to Prevent Overuse Injuries

Oct 1, 2012

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

by Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

Our centers providing physical therapy in Phoenix and throughout Arizona treat many clients who’ve suffered preventable injuries. Overuse and misuse injuries are all too common – follow Foothills Sports Medicine’s guide to preventing Phoenix physical therapy, and don’t let this season see you benched!
Whether you’re just starting training or you’re scaling up an old workout routine, it’s very important to prepare your body for any increased level of activity. Overuse injuries, such as stress fractures and tendinitis, can affect almost any muscle or joint in the body. Most of these types of injuries are the result of training errors and technique errors, both of which can be prevented with proper coaching.
Before beginning your new routine, address any preexisting injuries or medical conditions with your physician or at our Tucson and Phoenix physical therapy centers. A specialist may offer advice or insight regarding your specific physical state which could help prevent an overuse injury. Even if it sounds like a hassle, it’s much easier to prevent injuries than to treat them.
As you adopt your new routine, take time to learn proper form and be sure to pace yourself. If you have been inactive for months or years, you may not have the same physical capacity you once had. Even if you’re fervently driven to start training rigorously every day, limit yourself to include recovery time in between workouts until your muscles are more developed. Overuse injuries often result from improper form and overzealous activity – take time to warm up, cool down, and slowly increase your power and endurance.
Before sports training in Phoenix, visit a Foothills Sports Medicine center and enroll in one of our FAST programs. This program is designed to give athletes an advantage before big athletic endeavors, like running a marathon or starting your season of sport. Our athletic training program will teach you the proper techniques for completing exercises to prevent injuries resulting in the need for physical therapy in Phoenix. Better yet, FAST will give you the strength and stamina necessary to stand out amongst your counterparts.
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