Preparing For Your Appointment

What to Expect

Why Foothills?

Welcome to Foothills! Perhaps you’re looking for a physical therapy provider in the Valley or you’re searching for information related to a painful condition that’s affecting your life and limiting your ability to do what you love. No matter the reason, we here in the Foothills family are happy to help you.

What to expect:

We recognize that you may be in pain, recovering from a recent surgery or uncertain about what to expect in physical therapy. Our goal is to make your first appointment as simple as possible.

While recovery from an injury or surgery is not easy and can sometimes be frustrating, monotonous, or painful – our caring physical therapists and staff will work with you to ease your transition towards recovery.

We strive for continuity of care, meaning that we make every attempt to have you schedule with the same physical therapist at every visit. Your personal therapist will understand your unique circumstances and be able to offer you consistency throughout your time with us.