Workers’ Compensation

Getting You Back to Work

We accept all workers’ compensation programs. Despite employers’ attempts to eliminate workplace injuries and to reduce employee exposure to potential workplace hazards, on the job injuries do occur. As an employee on the job in the State of Arizona, you are covered for your work-related injury and associated medical expenses. For workers’ compensation cases it is a state requirement that your employer or its representatives cover the expenses related to your medical care, including but not limited to physical therapy for your work-related injury.

Consistent with our Sports Medicine approach, Foothills physical therapists approach injured workers as “industrial athletes” with every intervention/treatment geared towards returning you back to work in a safe and timely fashion. We work closely with your physician to develop a treatment plan specific to your needs, and tailor our treatments to maximize your recovery and get you back to work.

Understanding the fear associated with a potential loss of income, our compassionate and caring physical therapists will work with you to restore function with an individualized, hands-on approach tailored to your needs.