Phoenix Marathon Race Recovery Tips

Whether the Phoenix Marathon was your very first full marathon or you’re a decorated runner, it’s important to properly recover from the race. We’re sharing what to expect the first 48 hours up to a week after the race, and what you can do to speed up your recovery time.

What to expect the first 48 hours after the race:

  • Cramping, tightness, fatigue and especially delayed onset muscles soreness. This will typically occur within 24 hours of the race and can last 2-4 days.
  • Within 30 minutes of finishing, rehydrate and eat a snack of 200-300 calories (80% simple carbs/20% protein), and walk for a ½ mile to keep blood pumping.
  • Active recovery is ideal. Try using a stationary bike or doing yoga.

What to expect 4-7 days after the race:

  • Your muscle soreness should have mostly resolved by now and it’s ok to return to running (if this was your first race or you completed a marathon, it may take up to two weeks to recover).
  • Start with a five minute walk and add a 30-60 minute run segment at a comfortable pace.

If you still have any lingering aches or pain, contact Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy today to schedule a FREE Rapid Recovery Injury Assessment. Many of our physical therapists are active runners, and we enjoy treating runners and marathon enthusiasts.

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