Q: What’s The Best Recovery Drink After a Hard Workout?

A: Chocolate milk! That’s right. Not only does your body need stretching, food and rest to help rebuild muscle tissue, it also needs a balanced recovery drink just like mom used to make.

When: Post ride, run, swim, strength training, whatever…
Why: “The drink you loved as a kid has the ideal amount of carbohydrates and protein that tired muscles need for recovery,” says Joel Stager, Ph.D., director of the department of Kinesiology at Indiana University. Chocolate milk post exercise speeds up recovery better than sports drinks that may contain sugar and artificial flavors. Plus, regular milk is better than water or a sports drink at restoring fluid levels following a bout of exercise in the heat! Not to mention – milk contains bone-strengthening Vitamin D and Calcium.
Sipping Points: Single-serving containers are handy for tossing into a cooler for a post workout treat and for portion control.

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