Foothills Recovery Zone

Who We Are

We created the Foothills Recovery Zone to help you recover, faster. We provide state-of-the-art recovery systems with the expertise of certified fitness professionals, ranging from physical therapists to certified personal trainers and more, to keep you feeling great after your toughest sweat.

Why Recovery Zone?

We’re not for the outdated mantra “no pain, no gain”. Our philosophy is that when you feel your best, you perform your best. Our innovative restoration and recovery technology systems relieve the aches and pains, soothe sore muscles, and decrease the time needed for your body to recover from vigorous workouts.

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Who We Serve


Not just the pros! At Foothills, the term athlete refers to anyone who is active. Whether you’re an Olympic marathoner or a novice weightlifter, regular exercise puts strain on your muscles and builds up cellular waste products, compromising recovery and creating excess fatigue.

Imagine hitting a hard workout and coming back to your next challenge feeling rejuvenated and restored! We’re not saying this takes the place of rest days; rest days are an integral part of the recovery process. On the contrary, the Foothills Recovery Zone programs assist in the restoration process, maximizing your rest and improving your recovery.

The Office Work Force

It’s no secret that sitting at a computer all day is hard on your body, affecting everything from your back to your fingers. If you’re struggling with general stiffness from sitting or even just typical aches and pains, light and compression therapy can help relieve your soreness, improve mobility, and make you more comfortable during your work and home activities.


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