Recovery Zone Services

Rapid Reboot Compression Therapy

The Rapid Reboot Compression Therapy system offers a new and innovative way to reduce swelling and inflammation in legs and hips. If you’ve ever worn compression socks after a hard workout or while recovering from surgery, imagine that feeling, amplified over your entire body!

Marc Pro Electrical Stimulation

Similar to what’s often used in physical therapy and chiropractic treatment, the Marc Pro Electrical Stimulation system brings the restorative properties of stim therapy to you without stepping foot into a medical office. This system uses tiny electrical pulses on sore, overworked muscles to promote healing and relieve soreness

Alter G Treadmill

*LIMITED AVAILABILITY* One of the best ways to maintain consistency and fitness levels in training, is with active recovery in the form of low intensity and low impact exercise.  The Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill offers athletes unparalleled active recovery, in the form of body weight supported walking and running, utilizing NASA Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology. Visit for more information

Infrared Light Sauna

The Infrared Light Sauna exposes the body to light wavelengths and promotes increased body temperature. These wavelengths are absorbed at the cellular level and aid the cell regeneration process. Imagine pain-free healing from the inside out, improving your performance and daily life.

Red Light Therapy

Is there anything better than sweating out the toxins in the sauna after a tough workout? Actually, there is! Red light therapy boasts the impressive healing functionality of a sauna, without the heat.


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