Returning to Workouts Safely

Nov 4, 2010

Doug Meyrose

by Doug Meyrose
PT, DPT | Owner of the North Scottsdale Location

As the hot summer temperatures give way to cooler days, many of you may feel a sense of rejuvination to keep the pounds off during the holiday season and to get back into the routine of exercise. It’s the perfect time of year for heading back outdoors to workout.  Maybe you’ll inflate the bike tires to push your distance both on and off road or just lace up for a good walk or run in one of our beautiful mountain preserves. Whatever it is that you enjoy to improve your fitness, please be aware of your risk for injury after a period of non-activity.
There is always a possibility of injury with increased athletic involvement, but the risk is enhanced with repetitive stresses or stress to deconditioned muscles. It is very common for people to be more prone to injury when returning to exercise after a sedentary period because your body may not be ready to endure the same level of activity you may have enjoyed before your “break” from a regular workout program.  Sometimes the symptoms are just a minor ache or discomfort, but these can lead to more serious injuries.  When returning to exercise, try not to ‘pick up where you left off’.  Start slow, with less intensity and duration so you can build back up safely.
Make sure you pay attention to what your body is telling you and be proactive about your care. If you feel an ache or pain, Foothills Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy offers FREE injury assessments to help you avoid any lost time on the road or trail. Please don’t hesitate to contact us as well with any questions that may arise in regards to your wellness. Visit our locations page to find a clinic in your neighborhood!

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