Standing vs. Sitting at Work

Dec 17, 2014

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

by Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

Although work injuries are far more common in industries like manufacturing, landscaping, and construction, long hours spent sitting can still find you seeking out Scottsdale physical therapy. Although we’ve all heard the debate on sitting versus standing at a desk all day, what is the real difference?
Consider these facts:

  • According to the American Medical Association, sitting impacts our body’s metabolic system.
  • Sedentary lifestyle actually increases the risk of heart disease, about the same as smoking!
  • Hitting the gym after a day behind the desk may not be enough to reverse the negative effects of the sedentary lifestyle.

So what do you do when your job requires you to sit up to 8 hours? Try standing!

  • Standing, like light exercise, actually increases energy, burns calories, increases blood flow and ramps up metabolism.
  • Sit-to-stand products that allow you to move from sitting to standing and still engaging with your computer are available and a great option for desk jockeys. These devices allow for alternating between sitting and standing as is practical and comfortable.

Consider these facts and do some more research on your own. If you find yourself in pain, make an appointment today for your Scottsdale physical therapy consultation! To learn more about different physical therapy techniques and what our certified Physical therapists can do for you check out the Foothills blog. Happy holidays!
Image: Johan Sonin

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