Foothills Sports Medicine Insight: The Relationship between Pain and Stress

Feb 4, 2013

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

by Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

Why can’t anybody or anything seem to relieve the pain in your neck, back or shoulder? It isn’t all in your head – and Foothills sports medicine in phoenix can tell you why.
If doctors can’t reach any conclusion, stress could be the culprit. When you are constantly running on stress, your mind and body often pay the price. Christopher L. Edwards, director of the Behavioral Chronic Pain Management program at Duke University Medical Center, breaks down the stress/body/mind relationship into a single sentence, “What happens in the brain affects the body and what happens in the body affects the brain.”
•  Know when you’re stressed: Not only can stress creep up on you, it can also turn from a foreign feeling to a familiar one. You no longer notice how it is affecting you, your body, your emotions and your behavior. The three most common ways people respond to stress are anger, depression, and confusion. Consider the following tips and tools that physicians in sports medicine in phoenix recommend to reduce the harmful effects stress can have on your body and your mind:
•  Sleeping and Eating: Many experts suggest getting plenty of sleep and eating regular, balanced meals. Unfortunately, sleeping and eating tend to be the activities that most people skip or skimp on when dealing with stress.
•  Communicate: Talk to a friend or co-worker about your frustrations to negate the side effects of stress.
•  Make Lists: Write down a to-do list for each month, week or day. Breaking down your tasks into smaller manageable projects can help maintain your focus and your stress levels.
•  Exercise: Whether it is walking, cycling, swimming or running, aim for at least 20 minutes of daily exercise. Cardiovascular can greatly reduce your stress.
If you’re noticing frequent headaches, sore muscles and lower back pains consider adopting a few of these recommended tips and tools to decrease your stress and alleviate your pain. To keep up with the latest topics in athletic training, physical therapy, wellness and sports medicine in phoenix, visit our website at

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