Hot Weather Hydration for Young Athletes

Is Your Child Getting Enough Water This Summer? It should go without saying that living in Arizona makes it difficult for anyone to stay hydrated in the summer. But for young athletes it is particularly difficult. First, obviously, they are out exercising in extreme temperatures (even in the...

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5 Ways to Avoid Injury in Young Athletes

In almost all aspects in today’s society, it seems like kids are acting and performing much older than their age. From communication on the internet, to sociologic decisions to participating in sports. The level of sophistication is advanced compared to many years ago. Unfortunately, the...

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The Danger of Heat Exhaustion & Heat Stroke in Children

It's hard enough as an adult to regulate body temperature and water consumption in the hot Arizona sun. With kids, it's even more critical! With the arrival of summer in Arizona one thing comes to mind HEAT!  As children get out school and start summertime activities it is important to guard...

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