Tired of Your Achy Knees?

Aug 15, 2019

Taiwo Adeshigbin

by Taiwo Adeshigbin
PT, DPT | Suprise

Are you suffering from achy knees that seem to affect your ability to complete simple tasks throughout your day?

Perhaps you may be experiencing a condition known as patellofemoral pain (PFP). PFP syndrome may be described using various terms such as chondromalacia patella, intraarticular condropathy, patellar arthralgia, runner’s knee, and etc. Essentially it is described as ‘anterior knee pain’. When your kneecap does not glide smoothly in its groove, it may result in pain. Some common complaints you may have can vary from pain along the knee. Activities that require bending of the knee such as walking, jogging, squatting and going up and down stairs can be what aggravates the knee.

How do you know if this is something you are suffering from?

After your healthcare provider gets a detailed history and has ruled out potential causes of your knee pain, they can then come to a conclusion. As mentioned before there may be many causes of incorrect tracking of your patellar, from lower leg weakness, tight muscles, structural limb alignment at the hip or feet, incorrect landing techniques or participation in overuse activities. The cause of your knee pain may defer from someone else; it is important you find a PT that can help create an individualized program for you.
Your PT will be able to educate you on a treatment to address your achy knees. Let us help you have happy knees now and in the long run. Stop by one of our Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy clinics near you and get your move back.

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