Weight Loss Myths

Mar 25, 2014

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

by Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

With the summer months fast approaching, many move their fitness physical therapy goals to the forefront of their to-do lists. Here at Foothills, we’re never surprised to see motivated individuals setting goals and working one-on-one with qualified trainers to achieve them.

But our personal trainers are also, unfortunately, no strangers to the myriad of weight loss myths that seem to rear their heads this time of year. From fad diets to quick and easy “solutions,” some of these myths can stand to not only impede progress, but can even be unsafe for those who try them.
Because we strongly believe that when it comes to fitness physical therapy, nothing tops steady goals, healthy motivation, and the experience of working hard alongside a fitness professional; we’ve created a list of three of the most common weight loss myths and why you should avoid them.
1.     Cleanses Help More than Hurt
Increasingly popular, cleanses (from juice to flavored water) may purport to help with both weight loss and detox, but in reality, many cleanses can harm rather than help. Yes, (with juice cleanses in particular) they can provide the fruits and vegetables that many miss out on day to day, but from the excess of sugar to the lack of key nutrients, juice cleanses can offer only short-term weight loss at best and dangerous health outcomes at worst.
2.    Fad Diets Provide Long Term Results
Similar to cleanses, fad diets are popular and, most notably, unsafe. Once again, the largest problem here has to do with depriving your body of necessary nutrients and healthy eating habits. Though some fad diets may help you lose weight initially (in addition to reducing energy, increasing fatigue, and harming the body), in most cases, the weight cannot stay off long term.
3.    Deprive, Skip, or Eat Three Square Meals a Day
Many times, people looking to lose weight believe that restricting themselves drastically when it comes to diet leads to weight loss. However, oftentimes, this is far from the truth. Whether one is considering deprivation (of all carbs, of all sweets, etc.), skipping meals, or simply sticking to three square meals a day, in the end, these strategies can lend all the more to rumbling stomachs and even weight gain. Instead, focus on the adage: everything in moderation. Eat a balanced diet, never start a day without breakfast, and invest in light and healthy snacks throughout the day to keep away hunger while staying healthy.
To learn more about fitness physical therapy, visit us today at https://foothillsrehab.com/ and speak with a trained physical trainer.
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