Why the Mind Matters: Mindset and the Road to Recovery

Sep 19, 2013

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

by Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

At the Foothills’ rehabilitation centers in Gilbert and Mesa, physical therapy begins well before the first therapeutic exercise or pain treatment. Foothills’ Mesa and Gilbert physical therapy specialists achieve superior results through individualized care and hands-on treatment. We believe the road to recovery begins by encouraging a healthy and productive psychological state for our patients.
Our staff is familiar with the idea of placing “mind over matter.” This concept is often exemplified in spectacular feats of physical dexterity requiring mental fortitude. Images of firewalkers, yogis, olympic weightlifters, brick breakers, and physical therapy patients may come to mind.
Our physical rehabilitation practice operates where psychology intersects with physiology.  In our practice, aligning mental attitudes with phyiscal training objectives is critical to helping our patients realize their indivuidual wellness goals. The difference in outcomes for those with a more positive outlook stems from a number of factors:
Motivated patients do their homework. While many exercises and procedures can only be carried out by, or under the supervision of Foothills therapy professionals, many treatment regimens contain at least one element of self-supervised therapeutic activities which your rehab practitioner will expect you to complete during your time outside our clinic. Motivated patients put their will-power to work by taking responsibility for completing their stretches and exercises while making strides down the road to recovery.
Positive attitudes reduce the debilitating effects of pain. A 2010 clinical study at Warwick University1, revealed that back-pain patients who were given a form of counseling to improve their mood and promote optimistic thinking showed double the improvement of those who received standard treatment alone, such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, or osteopathy. We see anecdotal confirmation of this study’s findings on a daily basis with many of our patients. While all patients will see improvement from treatment at Foothills, positive attitudes are a significant factor in treatment outcomes. Consequently, it’s easy to conclude that a happy patient is a healing patient.
 Healing requires patience and perseverance. Physical therapy is generally hard work, and successfully advancing through any rehabilitation is bound to be a rewarding challenge for patients suffering from both acute and chronic injuries. The empowering relationship that a patient forms with their therapist helps them transcend the pains of biomechanical changes in their body. These changes, however, rarely come over night, so it is fundamentally important that we encourage our patients to be persistent as they advance along their road to recovery. Our locally owned Gilbert and Mesa physical therapy practices are guaranteed to guide you toward positive results and a happier, healthier, life.
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1. http://www.medscape.org/viewarticle/718079
Image by: theusarmy

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