Sports Medicine

What is Sports Medicine?

As competitive and recreational athletic participation has exploded over the last 15-20 years, so has the need for a medical specialty specifically geared toward the treatment and prevention of sports-related illness and injury. The term “Sports Medicine” is used broadly as a catch-all phrase referring to the medical care of athletes, and the science of sports and sports related injuries.

The Foothills Philosophy:

At Foothills, we work closely within the sports medicine team to facilitate a safe, timely and cost-effective return to activity. We provide frontline practitioners, such as our Certified Athletic Trainers, on the sidelines of sporting events. We have FAST® performance trainers working closely with clients on fitness and wellness programs. As patients come to physical therapy through direct access, our therapists become an important part of the sports medicine team as well. We ensure a treatment program and plan of care specific to you and your goals. And should your injury reach beyond our scope of care, we work with top sports medicine physicians across the Valley so you’re not sidelined for long.

Sports Medicine FAQs