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Telehealth Physical Therapy: Pros, Cons, & What to Expect

Ari Ziskin
August 7, 2020

Telehealth physical therapy is a great option to get the care you need, virtually. Licensed physical...

3 Surprising Video Game Injuries

Ari Ziskin
July 8, 2020

Avid gamers can tell you that the world of esports isn’t always easy and pain free. Learn the 3 mo...

How Does the Brain Control Pain?

Ted Carter
May 7, 2020

Pain is one of the few common experiences we can all relate to. Everyone has experienced pain at one...

Why You Should Undergo Prehabilitation Before Your Surgery

Renee Lambeth
April 25, 2020

For many of us, the reality that we will need a joint replacement or a surgical procedure in the fut...

Why Your Back Hurts When Playing Golf

Adam Halseth
April 16, 2020

Lower back pain is the most common golf-related injury. This may be something that occurs with each ...

We Are Open To Serve You

Nathan Perry
March 27, 2020

At Foothills Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy, there is nothing more important to us than your h...