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How To Stretch Your Neck And Shoulders At Your Desk Job

Stacy Scherzer
September 16, 2019

Many people who work while sitting at a desk eight or more hours a day complain of neck, shoulder an...

Back Injuries: How To Prevent And What To Do If You Get One

Bradley Tedder
September 9, 2019

“I tweaked my back or my back hurts,” most of us said it and experienced low back pain at one ti...

The Pain Known As Shin Splints

Lauren Keel
August 26, 2019

It’s that time of year again where we start looking at the calendar and deciding on our next runni...

Tired of Your Achy Knees?

Taiwo Adeshigbin
August 15, 2019

Are you suffering from achy knees that seem to affect your ability to complete simple tasks througho...

Which Backpack Should You Choose This Year?

Brittnee Maus
August 6, 2019

Did you know that wearing a backpack wrong or choosing the wrong type of backpack can lead to lower ...

Beat the Heat and Get into The Pool

Jonathan Seidberg
July 25, 2019

Are you having trouble sticking with your exercise program because you’re bored with your usual pr...