On-Site Athletic Training Coverage

What is Athletic Training Event Coverage?

Through our On-Site Athletic Training Event Coverage program, we work with you or your sports organization to facilitate athletic training coverage at your event. On-Site provides coverage services for a wide range of sporting events across the valley. We only work with Certified Athletic Trainers who are licensed in the State of Arizona, and are prepared for your event and the specific needs of your athletes.

At Foothills we believe in a team approach to caring for our young athletes. Most parents understand the fear and uncertainty that occurs when their child is injured during a sporting event. With youth sports participation at an all-time high, we are here to help athletes, parents, coaches and officials with on-field and on-site athletic training coverage.

Whether it’s examining and treating a sprained ankle, cleaning and bandaging scrapes, or evaluating an athlete for a possible concussion, On-Site will work with the athlete, parents, coaches and officials to ensure safe and medically appropriate care. As members of the Foothills sports medicine team, with On-Site you have access to a vast network of physicians and physical therapists that understand the unique needs of your athlete.

For more information regarding coverage for your event, please fill out and submit an Athletic Trainer Request Form. We will contact you to ensure that we meet your specific needs, and to answer any questions you may have.


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